About me

I began my college education in the States, majoring in Physical Education and Coaching.

In Germany, I completed my first Massage Therapist/Practitioner vocation with the Paracelsus Heilpraktiker Schule in Munich. I went on to finish my studies in Wellness- & Massage Therapy at the Ho’okipa School for Wholistic Massage and Bodywork in Munich, specializing in Lomi Lomi. I am a member of the Wellness Fachverband. In addition to massage, I work as a fitness trainer, teaching courses and giving personal training. It is a privilege to work with some of the finest massage therapists, trainers & athletes in Germany. I love what I do!


My massage interests and qualifications are in wellness and prevention rather than in rehabilitation. That may change one day but for now I don’t treat people with injuries. I am not a physiotherapist or a medical massage therapist. If you are in need of a doctor or a Physiotherapist, I can recommend some excellent ones (see links) since I’ve spent a good part of my life in rehab following multiple sports injuries, accidents, operations and childbirths.


I’m from Canada originally—the third of eight children.  I’ve lived in 6 different countries and have travelled to over 25 others.  Germany has been my home for the last 12 years.  Seeing the world and discovering the diversity and similarities among beliefs, backgrounds and cultures, is still my favorite form of education. It's an awakening experience.  There is so much to learn!


I believe in goodness and good sense wherever it may be found, especially when it comes from within.  'Zen' doesn’t mean to me that I have attained perfection or that I must like everything that I will experience during life.  Rather, it is learning to accept and deal with “my family”, as Kahu Abraham Kawai’i described it,  “... all that you think, feel, touch, long for, fear, walk to, and walk from, every moment of your life.  It is the good, the bad and the ugly.  It is the internal universe of You, and it is where your wealth lies and your spirit resides.  That is family.”


As a massage practitioner I've discovered that, in addition to the physical benefits, massage is a very good way to clear the mind—you don’t have to think about anything else other than what is happening in the moment.  By letting go, we allow each experience to unfold according to its own blueprint.


Physical tensions and negative energy can be released, allowing the body and mind the opportunity to relax and heal itself.  In this atmosphere it is easier to become aware of one's Self; one's heartbeat and breathing—the sensations, sounds and fragrances as well as impressions and feelings that can often come during moments of deep relaxation—“…moments of absolute clarity, when for a few brief seconds the silence drowns out the noise and I can feel rather than think, and things seem so sharp and the world seems so fresh…I have lived my life on these moments. They pull me back to the present, and I realize that everything is exactly the way it was meant to be.” (Christopher Isherwood, "A Single Man" 2009)


The composer, Arvo Pärt once said, ”I could compare my music to white light which contains all colours.  Only a prism can divide the colours and make them appear; this prism could be the spirit of the listener.”


The same idea exists in massage.  When this sort of transformation happens, it’s like a symphony playing on the senses.  It is truly magical.  How we receive and project such goodness is simply a manifestation of ourselves.